#ProofFrontierProject || Nikki Yelvington

Posted on by Lance Williams

Photography: Kelly Martucci
Instagram: @kellymartucci

Model: Nikki Yelvington
Instagram: @roughhgem

Kelly and I are a photographer/fashion blogger duo from North Florida. We love sea-side life and creating inspirational images.

We met about a year ago through a mutual friend and instantly had a connect. It sounds like a love story, I know, but really it is. Over the time that we have been shooting, styling and creating together we have become best friends. It's a good feeling to share your ideas with someone and them instantly play off of them. That's why we work so well together. I show Kelly a great outfit I have coming, she shows me a great location, we get together and shoot. Outside of that there's no planning. We go and wing it and are always happy with our results.

That's what we did for this shoot. We decided to really show people the Summer in Florida vibe by grabbing tacos and hitting our favorite surf shops. The glasses fit perfectly on set and on face. I'm really excited to use them for future blog posts as well since they compliment my 70s throwback style.


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