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Good news, Proof Eyewear is now available at Toad&Co (formerly Horny Toad Activewear) in Freeport, Maine! Toad&Co's initiatives line up effortlessly with ours, so we're more than excited to be featured in their shop. They believe that the choices they make are as important as the clothes they create. Toad&Co was founded on the idea that you should never have to choose between living well and doing good, their clothes are meant to inspire you to live your fullest life. Their motto is to live well, do good, and keep good company.

1. How long have you been in business?

Toad&Co began as Horny Toad in 1991, when Jessica Nordhaus started making the fleece hats that kicked off the Toad odyssey in Telluride, Colorado. We’ve since moved to sunny Santa Barbara, though we’ve stayed true to our roots by making clothes that enjoy being outside as much as you do. The store itself has been around since 2001.

2. Number of locations?

We have two company stores – our flagship here in Freeport and Lizard Lounge in Portland, OR.

3. Give us a quick history about your store.

Our store was meant to be a temporary pop-up shop, but after a stellar first season, we settled in more permanently. We’ve evolved our top floor into an outlet, where we sell past-season inventory for the company, and our ground floor into a showroom for T&Co’s newest and shiniest styles. Over the past few years, we’ve partnered with lots of other great brands that complement our style and keep us fresh – including Proof!

4. Give us one mind blowing fact about your shop.

Every single table and prop in our store has been scavenged from local antique and secondhand stores. And at last count, we had 78 Ball jars on hand.

5. What are your most popular items?

Our guaranteed gateway pieces are the Chaka Skirt for women and the Honcho Shirt for men – that’s how we get you hooked! This year, though, I’m thinking the gal who rocks the style and substance of the Proof Ada Eco will be equally enticed by the sweet striping of the Rizzo Sleeveless, made with 100% organic cotton. The upstanding gentleman who dons the Sawtooth Eco would fit right into the swift pattern and detailing of a Fletch Print SS Shirt.

6. Where can we find you on your lunch break?

Our staff has an incredible variety of interest and passions, and manages to pack every minute of their day with creative, culinary, and entrepreneurial pursuits. Whether designing and sewing belts, serving on the board of a local nonprofit, volunteering for community organizations or sharing the recipe of whatever’s heating up in the microwave, many of our lunch breaks are filled with supporting all of the other activities that give life texture! Of course, the standard Facebook-checking is still par for the course…

7. What song best describes your shop?

Lake Street Dive has been our favorite in-store band for several years now – we press play on “Hello, Goodbye” in the afternoon when we need a shot of energy. And it’s only appropriate, because many of our customers are passing through during the summer months on their way to and from vacation spots!

8. Who’s your employee of the month? Why?

Our favorite employee is always there for us, on good days and bad. Goes above and beyond, keeps things interesting and always helps us with a laugh. Of course, our EOM comes with a catch – there can be too much of a good thing. You guessed it – it’s the Latin Manhattan.

2 Parts Bourbon (we like Bulleit)

1 Part Sweet Vermouth

Bit of maraschino cherry juice

A few drops of Woodford Reserve Spiced Cherry Bitters

A few drops of Jalapeño Maple Syrup

Pour all ingredients into a mixing glass, over ice, and stir vigorously for 30 seconds.

Strain onto a giant ice cube into a glass of your choice. Like all good things, put a cherry on top.

9. What’s your spirit animal?

It’s no longer in our name, but we’ll always love doing things a little differently and taking the path less traveled – just like our old friend, the horny toad!

10. Why is Proof a good fit in your store?

Proof’s roots run deep, just like ours: in sustainable business practices, strong giving programs and a passion for living on the horizon. And in the end, for both our company and Proof, it’s about the product - beautiful, well-made and fit for adventure. With our recent launch of Toad&Co and a renewed focus on keeping good company, we knew Proof would fit right in.


Follow Toad&Co:

Shop Address: 11 Bow St., Freeport, ME 04032
Shop Website: www.toadandco.com
Facebook: Toad&Co - Freeport
Instagram: @ht_freeport
Twitter: @ToadandCo
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