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Posted on by Vierra Reid

This month we teamed up with Zephyr Hats

for our Monthly Instagram Giveaway! 


↠ Post a photo of what you think the #NatureOfProof is before midnight MST of March 3rd

↠ Tag @proofeyewear

↠ Use the hashtag #NatureOfProof


Over $200 Value in Gear-

  • 2 Zephyr Hats
  • The Ontario Mahogany
  • The Log Tree Stamp Shirt


Established in 1993 by former retailers who were frustrated with the quality, design and delivery in the hat market, Zephyr has always sought to be a company with a difference. First, they are passionate about hats; their quality and styles are second to none. They understand what retailers need. They go to every length to deliver that. Finally, they understand that their products are only as good as their people. Maintaining an energetic, positive work force leads to a higher quality hat for their consumers. They've made it a mission at Zephyr to maintain these high standards.Visit 

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