#ProofFrontierProject || Andrew O'Brien

Posted on by Lance Williams

I think my shooting style is pretty random, and I'm still working on figuring out what my style really is, but I usually try to use surrounding landscapes in some way for every picture.

I find myself really inspired by all of creation, and I feel that it looks its best while covered in snow. Boise had been having a weak winter when I was doing this shoot so I decided to head up to Idaho City with my sister to capture these photos. I attempted to use the nature around me for each shot and enjoyed the excuse to get out of the city.

I'd have to say my favorite frame is the Wood Capitol RX, they are incredibly comfortable, and from the grain of the wood to the way the lenses reflect light, they are definitely an eye-catching, unique pair of glasses.

instagram: @androbrien
vsco: andrewobrien.vsco.co


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