Instagram Takeover: Berty Mandagie

Posted on by Vierra Reid

Instagram Takeover: Berty Mandagie

Berty Mandagie is taking over our Instagram for the next 5 days and we couldn't be more stoked to see what he captures. After discovering his incredible account last year, we've grown to value not only his authentic photos but his authentic outlook on life. We hope you experience the same inspiration these next few days while we feature life through Berty's eyes.

Follow the journey: @proofeyewear

More about Berty:

"My name is Berty Mandagie. I am originally from Indonesia and now live in Seattle. I am so lucky to be living in the Pacific Northwest. I am an outdoor enthusiast. I love to go out and explore and tell stories though my photographs. I’ve shot many different things in the past, from products, portraits, landscapes, and weddings. I love learning about people’s stories, because we are all so unique and have experienced different things. And most importantly, your stories matter. I just think that is very cool that as humans we get to share that with each other!"

Follow Berty:

Instagram: @bertymandagie


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