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With every t-shirt you purchase, Keep It Tailored will donate a t-shirt to a child in need.


We were recently connected with children's t-shirt brand, Keep It Tailored, and were inspired to learn more about the company and share the story with our own humanitarian enthusiasts.

"Hi, my name is Gabriel. I’m the lucky guy on the right. Those two girls mean the world to me, and together, we decided we wanted to make a difference. The beautiful woman on the left, well, her name is Katie. We work together to raise that precious little girl that you see. Her name is Anniston, and she has mommy and daddy wrapped around her little finger. We don’t have much, but we created a plan to give back to little boys and girls like her that go without. T-shirts! It sounds pret-ty simple, but with your help, we really can make a difference in children’s lives. With every t-shirt purchased, a t-shirt is donated to a child in need. Our entire little family thank you all for the support we have received, and we are excited to begin this one-for-one movement with you!"

Keep It Tailored has also offered our customers 25% OFF for their site! Use the promo code: buy1give1

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