Just Launched! Kickstarter Project: Wood Minimalist Wallets

Posted on by Vierra Reid



Simplify your life in style. Four uniquely designed Wood Minimalist Wallets crafted from one of a kind woods.

In 2012, our original wood wallet was launched and fully funded through Kickstarter. Since then, our entire brand has grown tremendously and our original wood wallet has been a steady selling product throughout that time. 

Because of the continued interest in the minimalist wood wallet, we decided to create 4 new options to not only complement our current style but to also change up the design after listening to customer suggestions. 

When we began designing these wallets, we wanted to produce each one differently to incorporate a variety of personal styles. 

Each of the 4 wood wallets is designed and manufactured in its own way. Whether it's CNC'd or laser cut, the craftsmanship and attention to detail in each piece is timeless & unique. 

We wanted to create something that will turn heads when you reach for your wallet, and we've done just that with the 4 new designs. 

We wanted to make the new wallets extremely durable, considering they're made from wood, so we designed each one with the strength to handle the normal wear & tear of everyday life. All the woods are cured & treated to help give it a one of a kind look while protecting your valuables at the same time. 

Each wallet is designed to be functional for everyday use. The simplicity of each wallet makes them easy to look at & easy to use.

The products are completely designed and ready to go into production. We plan on booking the final materials and starting our first full production run on all 4 designs once the project is fully funded. 

Once Fully Funded: 

Week 1:  Gather information through surveys, book material costs, finalize details

Week 2-4:  Book shipping agents and finalize production times 

Week 5-8:  Receive product, inspect quality of product, package and ship to our Kickstarter backers 

Note: This is a generous timeline to calculate for any unexpected delays. We plan on cutting the estimated times down by a week or two, but will keep each of our Kickstarter backers updated throughout the entire process. 

To make this as successful as possible in both feedback and sales, we need your help. Whether it’s purchasing a product, sharing it on social media or just telling a friend about it, your support is much needed and we truly appreciate the love. 

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