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This month we teamed up with Wish You Were Northwest for our Monthly Instagram Giveaway! 


↠ Post a photo of what you think the #NatureOfProof is before midnight MST of October 3rd

↠ Tag @proofeyewear

↠ Use the hashtag #NatureOfProof



The Scout - $125 value

Coffee Mountains & Cabins Sweatshirt™ $58 value

Throw on this cozy faded black sweatshirt and take in those mountain views with a hot cup of coffee in a cozy little cabin... either for real or just in your imagination! Perfect for chilly summer mornings or nights, or your go-to fall and winter pullover. 


NRTHWST™ T-Shirt $36 value

Casual understated cool. Show your love of the NRTHWST™ in this unisex, relaxed fit heather gray American Apparel t-shirt. Lovingly made in the PNW. Northwest is best!


Chase the Fog™ Beanie - $25 value

Long road trips to chase fog before sunrise make for an excellent start to any day! Show your devotion and commitment to this PNW phenomenon by wearing our beanie embroidered "chase the fog"!



We grew up just outside of Seattle, in an artsy, free thinking family in a log home on property amidst more well-loved animals than we could count. Our dad filled our house and hearts with rock music, and our mom filled our house and hearts with art projects. Our Sundays were regularly consumed with day trips with no known destination, often stopping for pie at a countryside diner and driving home into the late evening hours. This is where our love for the PNW was rooted. It was a fun place to grow up... where spontaneity was of highest priority, and creativity was the essence of our childhood. 

Although the two of us are different in many ways, we are alike in many more. We love adventure, chocolate chip cookies (okay, just dessert in general), music, dancing, YouTube videos of people and animals doing ridiculously funny things (to us anyway), and of course, fashion. We have always loved clothes. We also both love and strive to be inclusive, which is what we want to convey in the messages on our clothing. 

Our business really began years ago when we had this thought, "Wouldn't it be fun to design clothes?". Though life kept moving along the idea was still alive. One day last spring we thought, let's just go for it. We opened our shop in March with one item, but did not add to it or tell anyone about it really until the middle of May, and that's when it took off. We know what we like, and we hoped others would like it too. We were so happy when you did.

Our goal is to create apparel that will be your go-to favorites. The stuff that's easy to wear and perfect for all of the adventures in your heart and out in your world. We hope that when you put it on it inspires you to get outside, explore more, wander freely, enjoy life... and that it feels just perfectly you. 

Thank you for stopping by! Maybe one day we can wander together. 



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