#ProofFrontierProject || Zach Epstein

Posted on by Lance Williams

Lifestyle and Fashion editorial photographer
Located: Orange County CA, Available for travel
"I wanted to use an environment that would offer multiple landscapes in a small radius so I could cover a few different looks and lighting opportunities that would work on a female wearing sunglasses through out the day. Big Sur worked because I could shoot in fog, hike down PCH to some diffused sun or go into the extremely dense forrest in the middle of the day. Sophie Rothe of shyva.co was a natural choice since she sources all her jewlery materials from forrest and chaparral environments. I knew she would be right at home sleeping in a tent and hiking miles in something other than "active wear"  I think for a 3 day trip with 2 days of shooting and no assistant, MUA, Stylist, or creative director it came out pretty well. "
Thank you, 
Zachary Epstein


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