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Posted on by Vierra Reid

At Proof, we're always looking for ways to stay sustainable. 

We've recently partnered with likeminded company, UpWise, to give you a chance to recycle your used pair of sunglasses for a 25% discount code on a new pair!

The UpWise mission is to integrate recycling into the shopping people do online, in a way that provides a great experience for consumers. 

If you’re interested, follow these steps:

1) Go to UpWise.co, find the discount deal you want, and press "Get Deal" and go through the checkout process. 

2) Once you check out, a promo code is instantly emailed to you with your unique promo code for 25% OFF! You can shop immediately.

3) A recycle mailer is then shipped to you for that specific product. When received, simply place the old item in the mailer, apply the pre-paid return shipping label and drop in in the mail.

4) UpWise recycles all of their received product with ISO certified and/or EPA approved recyclers. 

More information on the post-consumer product waste issue can be found on the UpWise site!


More About UpWise:

UpWise offers great deals on awesome new products when customers trade-in their old and outdated gadgets, clothing and other consumer products.

The UpWise mission is to promote great new products while making sure that when older products reach the end of their life, they are responsibly recycled, avoiding landfills and getting a new life.

More innovation is a wonderful thing, but it also means shorter product life cycles and more products being thrown away.

Consumer products that end up in dumps can leach metals and other toxic materials into our groundwater and soil. Product waste is also a lost resource - reusing and recycling old products saves energy and materials, helping to create a more sustainable world.

All products sent to UpWise are responsibly recycled or refurbished through our partners under EPA and ISO standards, ensuring that your old, discarded products have the lowest negative impact on the environment.

The UpWise team, based in New York City, is dedicated to giving you the best possible experience. If you have any questions or would like to know more about the process, please feel free to email info@UpWise.co.

Want more information about why we should choose to recycle? Click here.

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