#ProofFrontierProject | 10baretoes Part.2

Posted on by Lance Williams

Hello! I’m Brittny of 10baretoes Photography! 

I am a Senior Portrait Photographer in the San Francisco Bay Area, CA. 

I have an  innate 'anything for the shot' disposition that works best with a more inconspicuous load. I show up with my 35mm. and little more. Notorious for Rainbow sandel wearing year-round named my  minimal and and naturally dynamic Photography '10baretoes'

Inspired by: Urban settings (especially when immersed with street art) // Timeless architecture  // Natural places painted with light.... but what really gets me excited is capturing connections --the sparks that flicker and flame between young people and the world they embody and the future they behold. Now hug that all together in portraits and wide angles and BOOM! 

I always tell my seniors to bring a pair of sunnies. They have a fun and familiar way of letting out some big personality. 

The Chaplin Eco/Black featured  in Hayes Valley, SF.  I love how the classic style fit right in and stood out against the colorful modern setting. 

The Scout Eco/ Snow Tortoise featured at   Andy Goldsworthy's iconic spire and wood line in the Presidio of San Francisco, CA. The adventurous mood that complimented this versatile frame. 

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