The Story Behind Our Cases

Posted on by Vierra Reid

Proof is known globally for being a pioneer in sustainable eyewear. Each one of our frames is built with eco-friendly materials that last a lifetime, so it’s essential that the product comes in a protective yet sustainable case.

The progression of packaging coincides with our commitment to renewable resources. We started with using 100% recyclable cardboard boxes and then moving to a metal latched wooden case to reduce landfill waste. After gathering customer feedback, we designed a 100% pine wood box with a slide top design. The case is laser engraved with Proof logos on the top and side; the inside is also engraved with our slogan: CRAFTED FROM THE GROUND UP. The simplified design is functional for shipping and guaranteed to fit with any of Proof’s frame sizes.

Brooks Dame, one of Proof’s founders, explains the company’s choice of packaging, “We’ve adapted our cases to align with our focus on sustainability, and we continue to improve on providing a modern touch of simplicity while keeping the product eco-friendly."

After all, wooden sunglasses should be kept in nothing but a wooden case...

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