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Wyn Wiley shot this week's #ProofFrontierProject:

"HELLO! I’M WYN. i'm 21 and live in lincoln, nebraska. i'm a student at the university of nebraska, a cat lover and a photographer. i get to shoot for the most amazing clients who make my job really exciting. i just want to have fun shooting rad stuff and meet some good people along the way. so, if that's shooting a wedding, some portraits, or a cat's portraits. sweet. i'm game.

Recently a few of my best friends and i took a trip to italy. we started the trip off in rome where i shot a wedding in the vatican and then we adventured to the amalfi coast and capri. these photos were taken on the coast of capri and honestly it's one of the most mind blowing places on earth. imagine an italian hawaii. in the photos, you'll see my super suave best friend, jackson, modeling the glasses. however, i think i wear them better, but you wouldn't wait a bunch of selfies of me now would ya? i can't thank proof enough for sending me over with a rad pair of sunglasses that worked great to see the sights of italy through! beep bop boop!"

To check out more of his work, click HERE!


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