Father's Day Gift Guide

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Father's Day is around the corner and if some of you still have no idea what to get your dad or have just been putting it off, we got your back! Here is a gift guide for three different types of dads: the outdoors, adventure dad, the tech dad, and the DIY loving dad! 

The Tech Dad

1) FitBit
The FitBit is great because it tracks everyday activity from steps walked to calories burned! Plus it looks super cool.

2) Apple Watch
The Apple Watch isn’t your average watch. Not only does it tell you the time, your dad will be able to access his emails, messages, and many other things on there as well!

3) Proof Eyewear Sunwear: Bannock Eco
The Proof sunglasses are perfect for any dad, but the black frames with the wood sides makes it the perfect fit for a tech lovin’ dad!

4) Proof Eyewear: Boise Wood RX
These Proof, all black glasses are perfect for the tech dad. It definitely has a cool vibe to it!

5) Keurig
Allow your dad to ditch the regular, old coffee machine and get him a Keurig. Not only does it look really high tech, but it makes a great tasting cup of coffee. 


6) Beats Pill
A Beats Pill is perfect for those dads who love to jam out to music and want a great quality sound!

The DIY Lovin' Dad

1) Proof Pocket Knife
Every DIY lover can appreciate one tool that can take on many tasks, that’s where the Proof pocket knife comes into play.

2) Work Station Radio
Some tunes go a long way when you’re working on a project, this cool bluetooth speaker will capture the motivation and keep the project going.


3) Proof Wood Lighter
Made from 100% real wood, this lighter can be a helping hand for those dad’s who need some heat in their DIYs.  

4) Proof Aluminum Collection Eyewear
Why not stay stylish during DIY projects in some Aluminum shades?


The Outdoors, Adventure Dad

1) Proof Eyewear: Capital Eco RX
Not only will our fellow prescription wearer dad’s be able to see all of nature’s wonders, but they can stay stylish doing so in these eco-friendly glasses.

2) Goofy Gift: “Worst-Case Scenario: Man Skills”
For those dads with a sense of humor who love to be prepared on outings, try this survival handbook.

3) Proof Eyewear Sunwear: Boise Wood
Stay shaded in these sunglasses made from wood, he’ll definitely blend in with the outdoors in these.

4) Proof Pocket Knife
Planning a fun trip in the outdoors and looking for a compact multi-functional tool? Check out the Proof pocket knife where you’ll find some essentials for your adventures.

5) Proof Water Bottle
With the temperatures on the rise, hydration is key on those summer adventures and that’s why we’re featuring this cool stainless steel water bottle.  


6) Thermal Camp Lantern
An essential for all camping trips. Not only will it help give some light during the night, but it’ll help keep those pesky mosquitoes and insects away.

Father's Day Gift Guide
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