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Posted on by Andy Hunt

This week we got the chance to chat with Avenue Vision LLC, an optometry office located in the heart of Historic Golden, Colorado who provides eye examinations that focus on the health and overall visual system and not just a prescription. We appreciate our partners who stay true to their roots and Avenue Vision is the epitome of that statement. 

1. How long have you been in business?

Avenue Vision has been in business since 1948.

2. Number of locations?


3. Give us a quick history about your store.

Dr. Borden, a Golden native, completed his Optometry degree at Southern College of Optometry in Memphis, TN in May 2009. As a member of the College of Optometrists in Visual Development (COVD), Dr. Borden has extensive background in binocular vision and received the COVD Excellence in Vision Therapy award. Dr. Borden has also received specialized training at Harvard Medical School for Sports Vision and was the Director of Sports Vision at Hellerstein and Brenner Vision Center, P.C. in Centennial, Colorado.

Dr. Borden is a member of the Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation Association (NORA) and is dedicated to the diagnosis and rehabilitation for the acquired/traumatically brain injured. He is an avid sports enthusiast and played soccer at the collegiate level.

Dr. Borden and staff are environmentally conscious and strive to use and promote Recycled products daily.

4. Give us one mind blowing fact about your shop.

Building Visual Skills since 1948!

5. What are your most popular items?

Proof Frames. People constantly stop and come in to try and buy them.

6. Where can we find you on your lunch break?

Walking along Clear Creek, what a view!

7. What song best describes your shop?

Lean on Me would be good.

8. Who’s your employee of the month? Why?

We don't have just one, all of our employees are part of a team that flows from one area to the next. So, I guess it would be our team is the employee(s) of the month. Without them we would not be able to serve the patients that we do.

9. What’s your spirit animal?

The Red Fox.

10. Why is Proof a good fit in your store?

Proof's sustainability goals are in line with our own. Plus, the uniqueness of the frames and our location in the rocky mountain foothills just go together.


Follow Avenue Vision:

Facebook: Avenue Vision
Twitter: @AvenueVisionLLC
Shop Address:
Avenue Vision LLC 
1208 Washington Avenue
Golden, CO 80401
Phone: 303-279-3713
Fax: 303-273-5823
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