New Man Revolution

Posted on by Vierra Reid

There's three types of brands we dig.. Those that are:

  1. Idaho-based
  2. Socially conscious 
  3. Doing something different

Good news! New Man Revolution is all three. 

The core principle behind New Man Revolution is that it is manly to take care of yourself, be in tune with your body, and maintain your health. They believe a healthy man strengthens his community, just as a healthy woman empowers hers. 

NMR has created Manpoo and Manditioner that's sulfate/paraben free and 110% manly! 

To put their vision into action, NMR donates portions of profits to combat veterans and cancer research organizations (10% of net profit). 

Today, NMR launched their Kickstarter project - whether you’re a man yourself or purchasing for a guy in your life, make sure to check out their products here.

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