Do Good Program

Do Good Program

Here at Proof, we always strive to give back to those around us; it’s really how we got our start. 
We want to provide quality products that have meaning and do something beneficial through their purchase. Along with doing good to mother nature, we also
 work at doing good to those around the world. A portion of each purchase goes to a worthy cause that we've chosen to donate to.

Since our start in 2010, we’ve helped provide tsunami relief in Japan, child soldier rehabilitation in Africa, and reforestation in Haiti. In 2013, we embraced the idea of donating funds on a project-by-project basis. That year, we started by donating funds to build two eye clinics in India where over ¼ of the world’s blind population resides. Both clinics continue to provide sight–giving cataract surgeries to those in need.

In 2015, we had the best of both worlds as we were able to give back globally and locally. We traveled to El Salvador for various community projects with a donation totaling over $12,000. Shortly after we were able to donate $12,000 to The Nature Conservancy in Idaho.

This February, we traveled to The Philippines for a project focusing on cleft lips, club feet, and eye surgeries. More photos & video to come! 

Whether it be in Idaho or India, for maintaining land or providing eye care, we consider ourselves global citizens and will continue to use a socially conscious business model to do good. 

photo courtesy of Sam Potter


The Nature Conservancy Project   -   India Project   -   El Salvador Project   -   Nepal Project  -  Philippines Project  -  Uganda Project

Do Good Program - Current Updates

  • The Philippines Project
    The Philippines Project

    Image courtesy of Sam Potter, @captain_potter Do Good Program: The Philippines Project After ten days of squeezing into a van, dancing in orphanages, witnessing life changing surgeries, and becoming a family, we flew back home with bigger hearts and a greater perspective.Dive into The Philippines Project Video & Travel Journal to learn more. Video Travel Journal --- ORIGINAL PRESS RELEASE --- Image courtesy of Chelsea Yamase, @chelseakauai Boise, Idaho –​ Proof Eyewear is releasing The Philippines Project Sunglasses on Tuesday, December 15th to benefit the project set for February 2016. Volunteers, including Proof employees, will assist in initiatives to support the communities and people...

  • Local Do Good: Boise Rescue Mission
    Local Do Good: Boise Rescue Mission

    Doing good locally and globally is an essential part of Proof. Yesterday, we left the office early to lend some extra hands at Boise Rescue Mission as they enter the hectic holiday season. We encourage everyone to find a local organization to volunteer with - just start somewhere!   To learn more about Boise Rescue Mission,

  • Spring 2016 - The Philippines Project
    Spring 2016 - The Philippines Project

    The Philippines Project This Spring, we're heading to The Philippines for our next Do Good Project. We're partnering with our friends at HELP International which gives you the opportunity to join us.    Volunteers, including Proof employees, will assist in initiatives to support communities and people of the Philippines. These volunteers will execute projects related to economic development, education, visual health, reforestation, and empowerment of vulnerable populations. The project will run from February 5th through February 14th. Find the application for the program here.     Here's a video from a HELP International program last year:     ENTER TO WIN THE TRIP HERE!

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