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  • #ProofFrontierProject || Sam Wilder
    #ProofFrontierProject || Sam Wilder

    One word to describe my shooting style is natural. I like to shoot with natural light and use a natural color space. Even when using artificial lighting, I try to find a natural balance. The inspiration for this shoot was the shades themselves. Each frame told its own story and I just tried to capture that.I found different locations for each shoot, but wanted to maintain a consistency throughout, so I picked locations next to lakes. So we shot at the Great Salt Lake near Salt Lake City, and at two different locations at Utah Lake, near Provo, UT.  I chose...

  • Instagram Takeover: Berty Mandagie
    Instagram Takeover: Berty Mandagie

    Instagram Takeover: Berty Mandagie Berty Mandagie is taking over our Instagram for the next 5 days and we couldn't be more stoked to see what he captures. After discovering his incredible account last year, we've grown to value not only his authentic photos but his authentic outlook on life. We hope you experience the same inspiration these next few days while we feature life through Berty's eyes. Follow the journey: @proofeyewear More about Berty: "My name is Berty Mandagie. I am originally from Indonesia and now live in Seattle. I am so lucky to be living in the Pacific Northwest. I am an outdoor enthusiast. I love...

  • #ProofFrontierProject || Andrew O'Brien
    #ProofFrontierProject || Andrew O'Brien

    I think my shooting style is pretty random, and I'm still working on figuring out what my style really is, but I usually try to use surrounding landscapes in some way for every picture. I find myself really inspired by all of creation, and I feel that it looks its best while covered in snow. Boise had been having a weak winter when I was doing this shoot so I decided to head up to Idaho City with my sister to capture these photos. I attempted to use the nature around me for each shot and enjoyed the excuse to...

  • #ProofFrontierProject || Ashley Camper
    #ProofFrontierProject || Ashley Camper

    I love photographing lifestyle…I like to capture people being themselves and doing cool stuff. I would describe my work as organic, youthful and fun. I didn’t want this shoot to be forced. A few friends of mine and I ventured out around Maui (my home) and did what we like to do…with some killer shades on ;) These are some of my favorite spots on Maui…I wanted to show the beauty here besides palm trees and beaches. Whats your favorite Proof frame? I’m obsessed with the Chaplin’s but have been eyeing up the Chinooks for a while now. instagram: @ashleycamper VSCO Grid:...

  • #ProofFrontierProject || John Chang
    #ProofFrontierProject || John Chang

    I'm still defining my shooting style. I try to adapt to the scene and use light (natural light source, speed lights, a led flashlight) to help paint my picture. While checking out the frames I noticed the reflections. I loved how the sky reflected off the polarized glasses and had to take couple shots of the floating clouds. I shot at the local park/library and one of my favorite shops Wheat & Sons in Orange County, CA. I also took some photos at Big Bear, CA during a recent snowboarding trip. There is so much to appreciate in California and I wanted...

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