• New Man Revolution

    New Man Revolution

    There's three types of brands we dig.. Those that are: Idaho-based Socially conscious  Doing something different Good news! New Man Revolution is all three.  The core principle behind New Man Revolution is that it is manly to take care of yourself, be in tune with your body, and maintain your health. They believe a healthy man strengthens his community, just as a healthy woman empowers hers.  NMR has created Manpoo and Manditioner that's sulfate/paraben free and 110% manly!  To put their vision into action, NMR donates portions of profits to combat veterans and cancer research organizations (10% of net profit).  Today, NMR launched their Kickstarter project -...

  • Proof Frontier Project by Grant Whitty

    Proof Frontier Project by Grant Whitty

    This Proof Frontier Project (Astrovanture Edition) was taken by our Ambassador, Grant Whitty of Altitude Foto. Learn more about Grant & listen to his favorite album here. Follow Grant: Website: altitudefotografy.com Instagram: @altitudefoto Twittter: @altitudefoto Facebook: Altitude Foto

  • Proof Roadtrip | Summer 2016

    Proof Roadtrip | Summer 2016

      We're going on a Proof Roadtrip this summer in our renovated Airstream. Chances are, we're coming to an area near you so swing by one of our pop-up shops and meet our crew!  Find our next stop HERE.     Follow along on Instagram: @airstreamtour

  • The Menswear Club

    The Menswear Club

    The Menswear Club is the elite parcel for all things men! This week, they're giving away our Block Wood Wallet + 4-6 other Men's Fashion Accessories & Grooming Essentials!  Learn more about The Menswear Club & how to receive 5-6 grooming essentials, fashion accessories & more, delivered every single month at themenswearclub.com Follow The Menswear Club Instagram: @themenswearclub Facebook: The Menswear Club Website: themenswearclub.com

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