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  • #ProofFrontierProject || Vlad Radion Photography
    #ProofFrontierProject || Vlad Radion Photography

    All I need is some beautiful natural sunlight a camera and I'll be happy. I approach photography by capturing ones feelings and emotions. Being an outdoor lifestyle photographer, I don't have the luxury of knowing exactly what I'm going to get out of a photoshoot. It's complicated to explain my style of photography, but what I can say is, I strive to make my work as organic as possible while bringing out the true beauty out of my subject. While driving through a dense forest, I knew I had to shoot here sometime. And what else goes so perfect with...

  • Earth Day Giveaway
    Earth Day Giveaway

      For Earth Day, we’ve teamed up with 1Face Watch for an impactful giveaway. Each of 1Face’s Watches directly impacts the world from building wells to providing a year of education to a child in need. 1Face supports nine causes; cancer, hunger, breast cancer, clean water, disaster relief, environment, AIDS, education, and animal rights.  How to enter: 1. You must be following both 1Face and Proof Eyewear on Instagram 2. Tag three friends that you’d like to do something impactful with About 1Face 1Face is a brand that brings global change by unifying the people that help with the people that...

  • The El Salvador Project
    The El Salvador Project

    Boise, Idaho​– ​Proof Eyewear is eager to announce a Do Good Project that will serve the communities of El Salvador. Proof is partnering with HELP International in executing projects related to economic development, environmental conservation, education, and visual health. The limited edition El Salvador Project Sunglasses will release online A​pril 7th,​ and 100% of proceeds will benefit the project expected to raise over $12,000. Proof’s founder and CEO, Brooks Dame, is excited to join forces with HELP International for the project, “We’ve worked with HELP in the past and admire their initiatives. The partnership will make it possible for volunteers to join...

  • #ProofFrontierProject || Golden Moments Media
    #ProofFrontierProject || Golden Moments Media

    I like creating shoots where I have full control without any high expectations. I prefer doing laid-back lifestyle shoots versus shoots where you're posing the models. I love natural light and anything that has to do with being outside. Lately I've been shooting a bunch of weddings in boise and wanted to get out and do something fun. My friend Lance purchased a bunch of smoke bombs which was the perfect excuse to get out and shoot! We wanted to shoot somewhere that looked over Boise, so we headed up to Table Rock right outside of town.   www.GoldenMomentsMedia.comInstagram: @goldenmomentsmediaFacebook: Golden Moments Media           ...

  • #ProofFrontierProject || Francisco Gonzalez
    #ProofFrontierProject || Francisco Gonzalez

    I’d describe as my shooting style is like a soup, a combination of all my experiences and those i look up to. I come from a background of shooting concerts, documentaries, fashion and people i love, so i approach every shoot in a creative and unique way. I really wanted to showcase the glasses in every day life in the way my friends would wear them. I shot all in Southern California, i shot in 3 spots this shoot with 3 of my friends. Dos Lagos Plaza in Corona, A bridge in Yorba Linda, & Metro Station in Orange. I’m all bout finding...

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