Bud Wood

Bud Wood
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Black Maple Gold Mirrored Lens

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    • Handmade from sustainably sourced wood

    • Gold mirrored lens

    • Stainless steel spring loaded hinges

    • Water-resistant

    • Quote Inside: Be You Not Them

    • Comes with a wood box & microfiber pouch 

      PURCHASES OF SALE ITEMS ARE FINAL. Any item purchased at a discounted sale price or on our Sale page (iwantproof.com/collections/sale) is not eligible for a refund. *Full priced items bought with a discount code still qualify for a refund.

      The Bud is a modern frame that blends classically inspired silhouettes with Proofs signature aesthetic. Named after Grandpa Bud, the man behind the inspiration for Proof, the Buds distinct temples & arms create a look that is confident, smooth, & always 100% unique.

      Extreme attention to detail is placed in each frame we make, with  custom laser engraved quotes on the inside arm of each pair of glasses. Every pair of glasses comes in its very own custom wood case & microfiber pouch to protect the glasses.

      Proof Eyewear not only strives to give back to the environment, but also to help those in need. A portion of each sale goes to non-profit charities Proof believes in all over the globe.

      Be you not them from Dusty Klein on Vimeo.

    • We're global citizens and choose to use a socially conscious business model to do good

      Here at Proof, we always strive to give back to those around us; it’s really how we got our start. We want to provide quality products that have meaning and do something beneficial through the purchase of those products. Along with doing good to mother nature, we also work at doing good to those around the world. A portion of each purchase goes to a worthy cause that we've chosen to donate to.

      Since our start in 2010, we’ve helped provide tsunami relief in Japan, child soldier rehabilitation in Africa, and reforestation in Haiti. In 2013, we embraced the idea of donating funds on a project-by-project basis. That year, we started by donating funds to build two eye clinics in India where over ¼ of the world’s blind population resides. Both clinics continue to provide sight–giving cataract surgeries to those in need. In 2015, we had the best of both worlds and were able to give back globally and locally. We traveled to El Salvador for various community projects with a donation totaling over $12,000 and shortly after we were able to donate $12,000 to The Nature Conservancy in Idaho. Whether it be in Idaho or India, for maintaining land or providing eye care, we consider ourselves global citizens and will continue to use a socially conscious business model to do good.