• The Do Good Program: A Letter

    The Do Good Program: A Letter

    “The destiny of world civilization depends upon providing a decent standard of living for all mankind.” - Norman Borlaug     Dear Reader, Each year we attend at least one international trip in partnership with HELP International to work on humanitarian projects. This effort is the cornerstone of our Do Good Program, and thanks to you, we’re able to continue this program through the proceeds of every sale. As this year’s Do Good trip in Nepal nears, we want to participate in a conversation that has become increasingly prevalent: “voluntourism”. Voluntourism is a term referring to a form of tourism...

  • 4 DIY Wood Repurposing Projects

    4 DIY Wood Repurposing Projects

    DIY Wood Repurposing Projects   Are you wondering what to do with that pile of wood sitting in your backyard? Are you the modern DIY-er looking for a good Christmas gift idea? Is your Pinterest "Home" board a little overwhelming?  If you've answered yes to any of these questions, continue reading.  The team at Proof did the dirty work of sifting through the copious ideas out there about how to re-purpose wood and put together a list of our top four favorites.    #1 Wooden Mirror Frames These amazingly simple frames can come together in just a few steps. Original post...

  • 5 Last Minute Costume Ideas

    5 Last Minute Costume Ideas

    Uh oh. You procrastinated your costume for Halloween. Don't fret -here's 5 easy to recognize, quick DIY costumes for trick or treating or tonight's parties! 1950's Retro: Sling on a neck scarf and a flower in your hair, and you're ready to cha cha. Shop McCall. Terminator: "I'LL BE BACK... in 15 minutes, because I just need a black jacket and pants to get ready!" Shop Butte. Tech Nerd: Just button up, add a tie, bonus points if you have a pocket protector!Shop Leroy. Harry Potter: Stupefy your friends with how quickly you throw this together! (Tie, button up and long black jacket.) Shop Iona....

  • Proof was Featured in the Yankee's Stadium!

    Proof was Featured in the Yankee's Stadium!

    Winning the #GameChangerChallenge Proof traveled to NYC on Sept 18 as one of the five winners of The Game Changer Challenge presented by Fiverr and The Yankees. (In case you missed it, check out our winning entry: here.)  Here's a video snapshot on what happened in NYC: As you can see, some cool things happened while we were in The Big Apple. We met the legend, Johnny Damon.   Proof was featured as ad in the Yankees Stadium! (Okay, you'll have to trust us - it was clear as day in person!)   And we visited the Fiverr office!  

  • Proof Frontier Project: Brad Pearson

    Proof Frontier Project: Brad Pearson

    You may recognize Brad Pearson as one of our ambassadors (click to read his bio) for #TheNepalProject. Well, he's certainly no stranger to international adventure. This summer, Brad Pearson went on a journey to explore Indonesia. Here's what he had to say about the adventure: 4 flights 10 movies and 36 hours later we finally landed in Surabaya Indonesia. We got a taxi and immediately departed to our first destination of the trip, MT BROMO. It was a two and a half hour suicidal car ride, I don't think anything compares to the ludicrous yet streamline driving style of south east Asia. It was ridiculous how steep and windy the roads became,...